Our Principles

The Alhzm Football Club is built around solid principles which we hope will help our young players not only suceed in the beautiful game but also in life. We instill into our playing staff the need to enjoy playing football while also respecting others including players, staff and parents. We also ask that they play the game in a sportsman spirit showing honesty and integrity.

Player Development

We pride ourselves on developing young players, making them technically better but also encouraging them to work hard, practice at every given opportunity and to never be afraid to speak up if they are not happy about something. We continually run community programmes aimed at young players (both male and female) where we place emphasis on each individual to show us what they can do – this we believe improves confidence, a huge attribute when playing the game of football.

Football Club Activities

Health, Fitness & Exercise

When we accept a player into The Alhzm Football Club we check the health and fitness of the individual and then create an exercise plan to help them achive the level of fitness required to play the game and improve as a player. We regard stamina and endurance as prerequisites in order to play at a good standard and level and these are two disciplines that we focus upon.

Football Training Sessions

Our training sessions areopen to current players and members only, however, we often have open days where everyone is welcome to attend.

Our weekly coaching sessions are run by qualified FA coaches who focus on player improvement from a technique perspective, we use these sessions to help players learn the nuances of the game and to implement them into their own game.

Friendly Matches

Because we do not enter any of our teams into competitive leagues, we often arrange friendly games against local teams. This helps our players experience real match situations and assists our coaches in assessing a players ability and improvement. Details of these pre arrange games can be found on the website or on the noticeboard in the changing room entrance.

Football Training Equipment

We are extremely fortunate to receive a government grant which is solely used to purchase all of our football training equipment including; football goals in a wide range of sizes, training rebounders, agility equipment and seating and shelters for when the weather is either inclement or very warm.


Our Vision

The vision of The Alhzm Football Club is simple, we want to find the very best football talent and the nurture and improve it so that the array of football club scouts who often visit our club find a real wealth of talent from young players who have been taught to play the game correctly and in the right manner.